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Basic Band Gun Rigging

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Demonstration of rigging the basic setup of a band gun.  Bungie installation and mono filament setup.

- Line bungie
- Mono-filament (Black is the most preferred color for underwater visibility.)
- Double crimps

Steps (all demonstrated in video):
1.  Connect bungie to muzzle.
2.  Insert mono through the hole in the bottom end of the shaft and crimp in a loop. (make sure the loop is large enough to clear the rear of the shaft)
3.  Insert shaft into muzzle (make sure mono is on top of the shaft)
4.  Run mono up along side the shaft, through the bands, and over the line retainers in the muzzle then back down to the line release near the handle.  At this point you would decide if you want a single or double wrap of mono.  If you have the gun rigged with heavy propulsion (IE: Single large-21mm powerful band or multiple bands) then you may want to go with a double wrap so that the shaft does not get stopped abrubtly by reaching the end of the single mono wrap.
5.  Run mono through the clip on the bungie and loop back onto itself.  Be sure to pull back through enough to place some tension/stretch on the bungie and then cut your mono leaving enough for a small loop. 
6.  Crimp a small loop in the end of the mono and connect to the bungie clip.  The bungie should be under light stretch (enough to hold the mono tight) once connected.

Tip:  When crimping, it is convenient to use a lighter to quickly melt the end of the mono after it has been placed through the crimping barrel in the form of a loop.  This allows you to hold the mono tight without it slipping back through the crimp while you use the crimping tool.  Be sure to view the crimping video here:  Mono Crimping

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