A cleaned up version coming in the near future.

For now…

What we use:

  • ExpressionEngine, a powerful and flexible CMS solution, powers the site allowing us to have 100% dynamic content! EE was chosen after extensive research and experience with the CMS offerings of today. The decision was unanimous.
  • aMember Pro handles the membership payment processing. aMember Pro is one of the highest recommenced membership scripts on the market. We added their EE plugin as well as a custom developed module to achieve the seamless membership registration and payment processes.
  • This site is hosted on EngineHosting. We arrived here after several other attempts to find a secure, extremely fast, and extremely stable host. We needed something that could handle the high spikes in traffic that we receive at peak times and especially at peak promotion times. They definitely do things differently in the realm of admin, but the end result is a Top Notch Host that I can not recommend enough!

Site Credits:
The current version of was launched January 1st of 2008. Although the website is still constantly improving, and will always be evolving, the site is standards-compliant, and renders fairly accurately across multiple platforms and browser versions. (We recommend you use Firefox or IE7 to browse the web.)

The People Behind the Curtain:

  • Design: Richard Meder
  • Development: Richard Meder, Ben Croker, and the extensive list of member support from the EE forums.
  • Copy and Content: Richard Meder, Ulises Suarez, Marco Bardi, Mark Laboccettaand, Dix Roper, Ricardo G. Hernandez, and Brenda Remlinger
  • Database Administration: Richard Meder

The Technology:

The Tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator - Design mockup and graphic creation
  • Adobe Photoshop - Graphic polishing
  • Sony Vegas Pro - Video Editing
  • Camtasia Studio - Video Publishing
  • TopStyle Pro - HTML, PHP, and CSS editing
  • PHP Edit - Addtional PHP editing and testing
  • FireFox Fire Bug - Site debugging and on the fly alteration testing
  • CuteFTP Pro - SecureFTP transfers and live editing
  • Mindjet MindManager Pro - Conceptual process, site structuring, and overal project organization

And a whole lot more I’m sure I have missed.


Last updated on: Saturday, November 24, 2007