Sock Buyer’s Guide

Neoprene Socks

When diving with closed heeled fins you will want to wear a pair of neoprene socks. Although socks do provide added thermal protection, they are more important in the comfort department. Socks provide a soft cushion between the stiffer rubber foot pocket of a fin and your foot. This neoprene layer absorbs impact from the fin as well as improving the secure fit of the fin. Without the use of socks, divers will often end up with blisters and cuts on their feet due to the softening of the skin with extended exposure to water.

Like wetsuits, socks are available in closed cell neoprene or open cell neoprene. They are available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. Some also have a rubber outer shell on the upper part of the sock where the sock would come in contact with a wetsuit. This improves the seal between the socks and wetsuit which minimizes water circulation, and improves thermal protection. These types of socks are beneficial in cold water diving.

Most importantly, have your socks on when trying on your fins! You will always want to wear socks, so make sure you are wearing a pair when fitting a set of fins.

Closed cell neoprene socks are the most common due to their durability and low cost. All socks are fairly inexpensive and have short lifespans, so you are best advised to pick up two pairs. Having a spare set on hand at all times is highly recommended. It would be a shame to hinder a day of diving because of a torn or lost sock.

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