Glove Buyer’s Guide


Gloves not only provide thermal protection, they provide essential environmental protection for your hands. Protection from reefs, corals, fish, wrecks, as well as your own knife while you are dispatching your catch.

  • Open cell neoprene gloves are very comfortable, but they are impractical for spear fishing. They do not provide enough protection and are easily damaged.
  • The less expensive closed cell neoprene gloves with Armara (a leather-like material) inserts on the palm and finger are much more durable, offer great protection, and provide greater sensitivity. The increased sensitivity allows for a better “trigger feel” and is preferred by many spearos.


Neoprene gloves w/ Armara inserts
(click picture for details)

  • Kevlar gloves provide the greatest amount of protection, and are extremely durable. The downside to Kevlar gloves is that they are generally much stiffer which results in less comfort and a lot less sensitivity.


Kevlar Gloves (click picture for details) Other combinations of the above materials can also be found. The closed cell neoprene with Armara inserts are the most common type used. As with everything else, make sure whatever you decide on feels comfortable when you are trying them on.
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