Fund Raiser for Rob Murphy


Hey guys, I got this from another website, but I figured this would also be nice place to post it. ROB MURPHY AUCTIONS FUNDRAISER!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As most of us know Rob Murphy was hit by a boat after surfacing from a dive off the east coast of Florida and tragically lost both of his legs from the knee down. Since the accident Rob has undergone several surgeries and above all the odds Rob has made several spearfishing trips, even appearing on Speargun Hunter raising awareness for dive flags. Recently, Rob and I have been discussing a couple future dive trips together and in those conversations have learned that Rob is still undergoing several surgeries and medical procedures to alleviate some of the pain that he is experiencing and to provide him with a better platform to continue performing everyday responsibilities that we all take for granted. His accident is still pending legal actions and his medical expenses and a flawed system have created some hardships for Rob. He is such an inspiration to all individuals who have suffered as Rob has and even more so to our dive community. Because of this I spoke with a few individuals to see if they would be interested in assisting with raising some funds in Rob's name and was amazed at the time and generosity that came forward to help Rob. Below are individual links to their respective auction thread that are intended to raise funds STRICTLY for Rob Murphy. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THESE AUCTIONS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO ROB. ALL AUCTIONS END ON THURSDAY APRIL 8TH AT 12:00PM (EASTERN STANDARD). WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF AUCTION ENDING THE WINNING BID MUST BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THE AUCTION END DATE ALL BIDS MUST BE IN $25.00 MINIMUM INCREMENTS... NONE OF THE +$1 STUFF. We have something here for everyone so please take a look at each of them and consider helping this young man. Place the amount your willing to bid on the thread your bidding on. If you have questions regarding the auction item please post your question on that auction thread and not here. If you have questions for Rob please post those questions here. Thank you for your time and consideration!! LINK TO THE TRIP AUCTION WITH CAPT. CAMERON KIRKCONNELL LINK TO MAKO GEAR AUCTION LINK TO FLORIDA FREEDIVERS GEAR AUCTION LINK TO TRIP AUCTION WITH SHARK TALES LINK TO NORTH CAROLINA TRIP AUCTION WITH CAPT. JOEY WOODS LINK TO ZEAGLE SYSTEMS GEAR AUCTION LINK TO SPORASUB PURE CARBON BLADES AUCTION LINK TO CUSTOM WOOD FISH ART AUCTION LINK TO CUSTOM METAL FISH ART AND E-SEARIDER BEAN BAG AUCTION LINK TO OCEAN RHINO COMPLETE KILL PACKAGE AUCTION LINK TO OCEANIC PRO PLUS 2 COMPUTER AUCTION LINK TO DIAMONDS DIRECT GOLD SPEARFISHING CHARM LINK TO DIAMONDS DIRECT 18inch 6.5mm FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE LINK TO TX SPEARFISHING TRIP WITH KEITH LOVE LINK TO MINI-SEASON TRIP OFF FT. PIERCE, FL WITH BRANDON LANGEL LINK TO RIG DIVING TRIP WITH LOUIS ROSSIGNOL & THE HELL DIVERS LINK TO TRIP WITH NAILMAN (Steve Saunders)- Sarasota LINK TO - SPEARO COFFEE TABLE PICTURE BOOK -GOGATORS27 & STACY LINK TO - TICA 30 GOLD LEVER DRAG REEL AND CUSTOM 30/50 ROD LINK TO - AIMRITE VENOM LINK TO - ATOMIC Z2X REGULATOR (SCUBA THRILL DIVE CENTER) LINK TO - INN AT THE BAY

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Miami Springs, Florida, United States