Best speargun to start out with in fresh water?


I’m new to the world of spearfishing , i’ve always wanted to get into it and there is no better time than the present.
I’ve been looking and asking many questions about spearguns and whats right for me.Of course i’ve got many different opinions and it makes it more difficult. I live in Illinois and hunt just about everything known to man up here , but new to hunting fish. I won’t be hunting in Illinois alone , I have family in Florida and plan to make trips there as well , I am a scuba diver not a free diver , my ears won’t allow me to free dive so thats out.
I will be hunting strip pits in fresh water at home shooting small fish what i’m looking for is a gun to start with here and if need ne i’ll buy a different gun for the Florida waters I will be hunting. I’ve looked at euro guns , riffe guns , and reef guns and to tell you the truth it’s all greek to me , they don’t really give you the information you need so I have to rely on those who are the experts such as you !
Most people have told me to get a reef gun and why and it seems to be the way to go however….. I don’t know what kind of shafts , tips , or even if the shafts come with the guns when purchased ! Do I need extra shafts ? lol I need a book or something , I’m more of the learn by watching and doing rather than books and such but any information will help.

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marion, Illinois, United States