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Posted by Silverback on 06 November 2007 at 12:51 PM

The New Frontier

I never used to eat fish! Did a lot of fishing and spearfishing but always stuck with steak until my good bud Trifonix introduced me to SUSHI. First stop to make before you head out to acquire your quarry with your speargun, is Woolworths. They stock all the goodies you will need: sushi rice, wasabi (be careful with this stuff it is hot), rice vinegar, Kikkoman soy sauce, nori (seaweed sheets) and pickled ginger. Get a rolling mat while you are about it. You may only get Chinese mayonnaise and black & white sesame seeds from your local Chinese supermarket.

The ideal fish to use is tuna but I have had great success with yellowtail (Seriola sp), rainbow runner, dorado and stumpnose.

Prepare your fish fillets as you normally would. Remember to always use a very sharp knife and keep it clean when preparing sushi. I like to cut diagonally across the fillets after they have been refridgerated for about 12hrs. The pieces should be slivers of fish: think carpaccio. If your knife is not sharp, you are going to end up macerating your fish: does not affect the taste but does turn the presentation into a mess. Follow the rice cooking instructions on the packet.

Basically sushi consists of various combinations of rice and fish, mixed with fillings of your choice, cucumber & avocado mostly.

1.Maki roll: Nori on mat shiny side down. Cover with thin layer of rice. Fish in groove along one edge together with filling. I like to coat filling with mayo mixed with a little wasabi for a bit of a zing. Roll up and squeeze to firm the roll. Cut bite sized pieces across roll, filling in the middle surrounded by rice with nori on the outside. Think Swiss roll.

2.California roll: Prepare nori as in 1. Now turn nori over. Rice side on mat. Place fillings & mayo along one edge. Roll, sprinkle outside with a mixture of black & white sesame seeds, squeeze to firm then cut. The fillings are now inside the nori with the rice on the outside.

3. Nigiri sushi: This is all done by hand. Take a small handful of rice. The idea is to keep it bite sized. Mould it in your hand so that it is roughly 5cm long X 2cm wide X 3cm high and roughly flat on one side and domed on the other. Take a piece of fish big enough to cover the domed upper side and coat LIGHTLY with wasabi. Place fish on rice, wasabi side down.

Sushi should be served as bite sized pieces. It takes a little practice to get this right. Serve with soya sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. Makes a great hors d’oeuvre.

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