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Concentrating on Relaxing

Posted by Silverback on 16 October 2007 at 09:16 PM

The Enigma of Freediving

I have encountered many articles dealing with the use of Yoga in freedive training and I admit that this is something I have only recently begun experimenting with. (

Up to now my dive preparation has consisted of practicing a relaxing routine. Utilising only 7 breaths to prepare for a dive and managing 25metre dives of 2 minutes. No big deal for competitive freedivers but very adequate for competitive spearfishers. Each breath consists of breathing in for the count of 3 then holding for 1 count, exhaling for the count of 6 then holding for 1 count. While performing each breath I picture a scene involving one of the colours of the rainbow, as follows:

1. Red, coral tree flower, relax your body,
2. Orange, honeysuckle flower, clear your mind,
3. Yellow, yellow-spot butterfly fish, alpha brainwaves (i.e. try to stop talking to yourself),
4. Green, a green tropical island seen from the air, slow your heart beat,
5. Blue, the shallow sea around an island, you belong in the sea and are part of the sea,
6. Indigo, the deep blue sea, focus on something positive in your dive,
7. Violet, a dutch iris, you are at peace.

I find it important to make my own images as clear as possible. I also practice this routine before going to sleep. This ingrains the pattern well before getting in the water. When exercising, performing static apnoea or dynamic apnoea, I use this to maintain control, keep relaxed and remain focused. Some great sites to explore are Deeperblue and Freedivecentral.
These sites provide articles from both experts and beginners alike which should help you in your dive preparation.

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